Hello and welcome to my website...

My name is Andrew Bell, I live in Cumbria, and am a time-served joiner in the building trade with 45 years experience.

I decided to build my first hut 7 years ago after seeing the shepherds huts display at the world famous Great Dorset Steam Fair, The display of about 30 huts range from original ones to huts that have been refurbished.

I just fancied having a go at building one, Hut No1 proved to be a steep learning curve, all the dimensions and working details were out of my own head, but by No3, I was happy with the design. I believe if something looks right, it probably is. I do all the work myself, apart from the 2nd fix electrics, from the metalwork, woodwork and painting, I make the windows, the batten door made from floorboards as it should be.

I describe my huts as traditionally built with cast iron wheels on oak axles, working turntable, corrugated zinc sides and curved roof.

I would like to think that a shepherd from the 1800's would recognise it for what it is, albeit with a few modern twists inside.

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If you want a kitchen or a shower room in your hut, then my huts are not what you are looking for.

If you hark back to a time when life was slower and simpler then my huts may be what you are after. If you want to escape 'Far from the Madding Crowd' then please get in touch.